Top 5 Nudist Beaches in Florida


Florida is considered as the best state in the USA for several reasons like the hot weather, good hotels and good food all favorable for holiday and vocations. Florida also attracts a lot of visitors and especially along the beach. Nude sunbathing is also a tourist attraction.

Freedom on the beach

Most of these beaches do not have access to the public transport network and hence most young people and especially the young use the Florida under 21 car hire. Just don’t forget to wear your clothes while driving. There are some fees for driving naked in the United States.

The top five nudist beaches in Florida are as follows:

  • Haulouver Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park is the number one Nudist Beach in the World and it is located in Florida 1.5km north …

Best Choices of American Road Trips

Americans’ fundamental freedom of spirit is best expressed in the vacationing choices that these people have. Possibly, no other country in the entire world has so many people going on road trips through the well-maintained highways than America.

America conjures lovely thoughts of open roads stretching into the epic landscapes, vast areas of cactus-studded desert, Route 66, and the list continues. Although there are several possible areas for road trippers, there are at least five road trips that you should indulge in before the extinction of conventional cars. You can always have a 24 car rental if you do not own a car.

Route 66

Having a road trip through route 66 is a genuine representation of a journey through America’s history. Famously dubbed as “The Mother Road”, this legendary …

Free Breathtaking Sights Around the World

If you want to experience diversity and history, nothing could be better than traveling in Europe. Given the enormous geography of Europe, it is extremely difficult to travel to all places even if you have a multi-week travel plan. To live up to what Europe has to offer, it is said that you need more than a year to live. When planning to travel to Europe, taking into account the limited time, it is very important to have the best design. Consider renting a car at 24 every time you are planning to explore these breathtaking sights as they have many sights which you can’t miss to see.


London is the economic capital of Europe, a place to visit in Europe. As a prefecture capital with a rich history, …

Denali, Alaska (In Case You Decide to Visit)


If you ever get the privilege of visiting a land as grandiose and majestic as Alaska, you might as well go tearing through it at eye-popping speeds and try to bang it out in just a couple of days.  Why take several weeks to drink in the vast expanses of wild beauty, when you can do it in a long weekend?  Learn from us.  It can be done.  Hell, they even spot you a few extra daylight hours in the summer to tick off the mile markers.   Just load up on unholy quantities of caffeine and junk food, buckle up and hit the highway.  Please keep your hands and feet in the car (and for God’s sake, no flash photography).

Our day began with us powering through a couple

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