Best Choices of American Road Trips

Americans’ fundamental freedom of spirit is best expressed in the vacationing choices that these people have. Possibly, no other country in the entire world has so many people going on road trips through the well-maintained highways than America.

America conjures lovely thoughts of open roads stretching into the epic landscapes, vast areas of cactus-studded desert, Route 66, and the list continues. Although there are several possible areas for road trippers, there are at least five road trips that you should indulge in before the extinction of conventional cars. You can always have a 24 car rental if you do not own a car.

Route 66


Having a road trip through route 66 is a genuine representation of a journey through America’s history. Famously dubbed as “The Mother Road”, this legendary route cuts a diagonal swathe through 2000 miles of America, that is, from Chicago to LA taking in a lot of iconic scenery along the way.

From the unique Grand Crayon to the crimson stoned lands of Native America Four Corners, Arizona, route 66 offers high points and sights that describes a wide range of themes and interest.

It shows what constitutes the strength and masculinity of the primary American hero. If you include a trip to Las Vegas, you will be able to admire the architectural wonders of English castles, Egyptian pyramids, Venetian canals and the Eiffel Tower in luxurious, yet surprisingly cheap, rich resorts.

Your children will have great stories to tell you how they spent the summer travelling around America and learned a lot outside the official school curriculum.

The Pacific coast highway

There is no better way to get to know the diverse beauty of the Pacific coast than driving along the Highway coastal road. 1. Start in the archetypal southern California virgin sandy beaches of Santa Barbara and follow the harsh, sharp Pacific Northwest coastline. This is a type of coastal drive that seems to be familiar to countless car ads – uncertain, winding roads engraved on the Cliff pages that overlook the vast Pacific Ocean.

The western coast route

There is no better way to get to know each excuse is good when we discover the west coast of America to great Canada through the roads. Canadians on the West Coast live and show the sense of good fun, and the temptation to cross the border can become quite strong. Go to Portland, Portland, if you’re interested in punk culture, quench your thirst in the northern lands of California, and the San Francisco Bay, and San Diego will show you what America is heading.

Southern states to New Orleans

Driving from a cold, humid city to a hot wet city through a very attractive New England, down through the east coast, the southern states and to New Orleans, it’s best to experience it in autumn. Watch the change of seasons on the east coast and experience the intoxicating humidity of Louisiana. Thanks to many of the former Confederate civic centers that you can visit along the route, you will have to keep drinks caps on Big Easy alleys and the breathtaking French Quarter on the US route.

The Appalachian Trail

Stretching out of the harsh, mountainous landscapes of New Hampshire, sneaking past the outskirts of New York and Washington, through the spectacular, rich in history Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway straight into Georgia and the heart of the South, the Appalachian Trail is unparalleled varied, often breathtaking trip in the heart of eastern America.

There are so many intriguing routes that though America’s diverse landscape and you might end up wondering if you have missed some fantastic sights. If you are new in the place, I think that a rough guide to the routes will be of great help.

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