Top 5 Nudist Beaches in Florida


Florida is considered as the best state in the USA for several reasons like the hot weather, good hotels and good food all favorable for holiday and vocations. Florida also attracts a lot of visitors and especially along the beach. Nude sunbathing is also a tourist attraction.

Freedom on the beach

Most of these beaches do not have access to the public transport network and hence most young people and especially the young use the Florida under 21 car hire. Just don’t forget to wear your clothes while driving. There are some fees for driving naked in the United States.

The top five nudist beaches in Florida are as follows:

  • Haulouver Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park is the number one Nudist Beach in the World and it is located in Florida 1.5km north of Miami Beach. It has amazing sceneries such as picnic sites and man-made dunes. It is legal entity.

Playalinda Beach - looking south

  • Playalinda Beach

It is a popular and ideal place for nudists. It is not legal but has quite a number of visitors who enjoy the remote atmosphere.

It is not crowded and hence creates an ideal atmosphere for its target visitors. It is a remote place and it has long beach stretch.

  • Lummus Park on South Beach

It is very popular for sunbather and Europeans love the sun basking moments there. It is commonly referred to as a beach for “young and beautiful”. It is very popular among the young people and especially students.

  • Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound in considered a place for the rich nudists since it has big mansions. It is wildlife reserve with very beautiful sceneries.

  • St Lucia Inlet Preserve

It is a beautiful place and is only accessible by boats. It is very popular among the nudists because is it an island in a serene environment.

Why are the nudist beaches in Florida so popular?

Mas Palomas, Gran Canaria, Spain

  1. Nudity on the Florida beaches has become a way of life for many people with tourists travelling from as far as Europe to enjoy that experience.
  2. Florida has the highest number of nudist beaches and they attract a lot of visitors because of the beautiful sceneries and the favorable weather in summer.

So, it really doesn’t matter whether you prefer wearing something while visiting public beaches or not. Enjoying swimming or just lying on the sun, surrounded by naked bodies has some unique charm. Especially when those bodies are young and pretty. Just do not forget to put on your sunglasses J for the best stealth experience.

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