World's Top 10 Beaches

Below is the list for top ten beaches in the world. Remember reservation to any destination is just a click away.

  1. Kaanapali Hawaii, This beach is west of Maui and one of the best in Hawaii. This beach fronts most of the Kaanapali resorts. Famous for being one of world's vacation spots.
  2. Miami Florida, Miami beach lies on a barrier island, spectacular view from space. The beach is full of nice hotels, exclusive night clubs and luxurious condos.
  3. Cancun Mexico, Most of the nice hotels in Cancun are located by the beaches. Visitors have a variety of things to do, like Volleyball, Aerobics, etc. There's a total of seven beaches along the coastline.
  4. Montego Bay, Exceptional beaches, beautiful mountains with a variety of attractions, great restaurants and bars. The best in Jamaica.
  5. Mykonos Greece, These are the beautiful beaches in Greece, extreme crystal clear waters seen from far, you can actually see the golden sand. The beaches get lots of tourists during the peak season.
  6. Palm Beach Aruba, An amazing beach, located south west of Aruba Island, has beautiful high rise hotels, lots to see and activities such as fishing, swimming, sailing, and much more. A must visit beach.
  7. Punta Cana Beach, Located in the Dominican Republic, brilliant white beaches, very inexpensive place to have fun, very romantic and the fastest growing area in the Caribbean.
  8. Virginia Beach, This is usually known as a major resort, miles of beaches, lots of nice hotels and restaurants. This beach was listed as having the longest "pleasure beach" in the world.
  9. Clifton Beach, Located in Cape town South Africa, its got clear blue waters, white sands surrounded by spectacular mountains, one of the best in Africa.
  10. Ipanema Beach, The best in Rio de Janerio, a place for prime tanning spots, with a long stretch of white sand. Playing sports, visiting bars, etc is a must at these beaches.

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