Top ten things to do in New York

Hear is a list of things you can do while you stay in New York!

  1. CENTRAL PARK - This is a huge park 843 acres, located in the center of Manhattan. The park has several lakes, theaters, tennis courts etc. It is also the home of "Central Park Zoo" and the "Metropolitan Museum of Art".
  2. STATUE OF LIBERTY - France gave this statue to the United States as a gift of friendship and also symbolizing freedom and democracy. The Statue was dedicated in 1886.
  3. EMPIRE STATE BUILDING - With 86 floors, the "Empire State Building" is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has an observatory that offers a Panoramic views from within a glass enclosed pavilion.
  4. TIME SQUARE - The most bustling square of New York is known for its many Broadway theaters, Cinemas and huge signs. This is one place that makes New York a city that never sleeps. New Year's celebrations always take place at this location.
  5. GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL - This is one of the two monumental gateways that were built in NYC in the heyday of railway transportation. It stands today as on of New York's most famous land marks and was the first railroad station in New York City.
  6. BROAD WAY - This is the most famous theater in the world one of thirty nine professional New York theaters. It is located in Manhattan.
  7. WORLD TRADE CENTER - Historic site, where the "Twin Towers" stood. Project " REBIRTH" is a mission to document the entire reconstruction of the site in future.
  8. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - This museum is considered by International experts to be one of the world's two greatest all around art museum. Give yourself enough time to visit the museum.
  9. ELLIS ISLAND - Visitors can retrace steps of their ancestors at this famous landing point that welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States.
  10. NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY - This is one of the most extensive public transportation system in the world. There's approximately 656 miles of revenue track and a total of 842 miles . 40% of the system runs above ground.

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